Renergy Power Plants Group – website

Brief: Renergy Power Plants Group, a leading player in the photovoltaic market, offering complete services to support costumers in all stages of the “going solar” process, needed a rebranding, as it’s current identity was surpassed by the company development, communication needs and a new set of values.

Action: First things first – recreating Renergy Power Plants Group’s logo, slogan and visual identity. The new look was more business oriented, powerful and greener. Then came the brand book, stationeries, business cards, a brochure, a mini-brochure and an electronic presentation. The website was build with a hole new structure, content and look, in line with the new communication needs and visual identity. All the materials were prepared both for English and Romanian language.

The rebranding process was very complex, including research, strategy and creative services. In the end, the new Renergy Power Plants Group is a brand true to itself, meaningful to its stakeholders and powerful enough to make the difference.

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