OBI – Launch in Pitesti

Brief: A store launche to raise OBI brand notoriety in Pitesti. The scenario is supposed to underline the quality and the innovation of the German experience. The target: retailer’s suppliers, local authorities and VIPs, local journalists, retailer’s employees and board stuff.

Action: The Legend of Mesterul Manole tells the story of how difficult is to build something durable. Inspired by this tale we thought of an event that highlighted the opposite: with OBI everything becomes easy and solid. We developed a “2 in 1″ event – press conference and cocktail. The location was the new store itself. There hostesses dressed in sexy dungarees were welcoming the guests. In front of the Entrance a team of 10 workers were building a wall from various materials, imitating the facade of Arges Monastery. The walls didn’t fall when “Mesterul Manole”, the MC, checked the quality of materials. Plus, everybody could leave a message on the wall. The ambient music was ‘powerful’ and dynamic, in order to inspire determination, force. On the way out the guest received gifts from the store – flower pots & tape measures.